Monday, February 21, 2011

- Wakfu Incarnam -

Alright, so here's the long awaited (procrastinated) Incarnam walkthrough! Quite lame walkthrough since it's only in pictures. But you'll get what it's all about anyhow, I hope. xD

I've created a new character just for this! It seems like she's been warped to a floating isle of sorts.. and a blob thing is being attacked!

Engaging and defeating this Bow Meow and saving the blob!

A treasure and another mysterious portal.. where will it go?

To another floating isle where there is a very pissed off woman. o.o

Some fighting around.. :D

Ohoho! He won't let us pass unless we pay a toll!

Along further traveling she has encountered a panda dojo area.. a training grounds for newbies basically.

There are 3 rooms that you have to go into and each has something valuable to teach about Wakfu battles.

And when you're finished.. you're treated to some valuable treasure!

This lovely stat booster gem to equip on your.. blob.

Be sure not to miss this treasure here, it contains an emote.

This is the location of it on the map. :)

This is the last part of Incarnam, where you train your first profession: trapper!

Basically you go around right clicking on monsters and collecting their seeds.. so you can replant them!

Take the seeds, plant the monsters!

We've planted too much.. poor gobballs.

Incarnam is finished! Down to the main world we go! Either choose Ankama or Bonta faction. :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

- wakfu fanart lines 1 -

Another small post, I'm going to post a mini guide to Incarnam possibly the day after tomorrow. xD

Did lines for this wakfu fanart i'm drawing. Love ecaflips and sadida. :) Stay tuned for the colored version!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

- Raspberyl Disgaea -

Raspberyl and a prinny from disgaea!  I'm definately in one of my drawing phases again.. so ya'll might just see art posts for a bit.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

- Makai Kingdom -

Those who haven't heard of or played Makai Kingdom.. check this 1st let's play out, and really get the game. Wow.  It's for ps2.

 I'm one badass freakin Overlord! xD

Friday, February 11, 2011

- Luminaure RO Mage -

Yet another Art update!  I'm currently in a very drawing mood these past few days.  The disgaea OSTs have been making me want to draw like mad!

If you like my art be sure to comment! And if you REALLY like my art, commission me at:


Thursday, February 10, 2011

- Ocelorean Commission -

Finally! I got a commission in! ^^  Here's Ocelorean's OC!

Dang I need more commissions.. lol.

This piece is actually heavily inspired by one of my fave artists: Takehito Harada
Check out their art!

- Feireni the Bunny Pirate -

Alright there's going to be 2 art posts today ya'll!

This one is actually a poll!  For Feireni the Bunny Pirate, which look of hers do ya'll prefer? Her younger version on the left or older version on the right?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

- Fixing Byronyuq's Home -

Soo.. after the unfortunate server event, I've gone to fix Byronyuq's home!  He has not been on for a bit now, so I decided to take measures to "fix" his home before he came back to see the disaster!

Here is the fixed version of his house. Pretty much fixed the entire left and right sections of his house. >.<

Mid room - outside
Lower level. Basically there was a pit with trees already there

Inside of the Mid Room. You can see the top of the tree from the Lower level.
2nd Story, you can see the tree from the basement through the glass floor.
2nd Story walkway. Pretty neat looking imo. xD There's a hot tub at the end room.
Outside view. Finally completed repairs!
While my own home off in the distance.. Still severed into pieces.

Funny thing though, the very next day I wake up and log in.. Everything has rolled back to the previous state like I didnt fix anything at all.  Lovely chunk errors still.  So as a solution to this.. I had to completely roll back the server before byronyuq's or my home were made.  But everything is working again as normal, no more errors!  

If you liked this update, stay tuned for the next where Byron and I build up an actual town!  If anyone wants to join the server I'll open the server to the public possibly sometime next week. It's just being hosted on my home pc at the moment, so there are lag issues. xD

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

- Reyna Dream -

Another art update! Here's a sketch of another OC of mine, which resides in Luminaure's universe.

Her name is Reyna Dream. Does she remind you of any character? :P

Next up for OCs of mine.. will be the Pirate Bunny Feireni! And her squad of Buni. Stay tuned!

Deviantart Gallery:

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Monday, February 7, 2011

- Wakfu Discoveries and Dungeoning -

Alright, another Wakfu update! This one will be a bit longer than the last.

For those of you that have seen the Wakfu animated series, should recognize this place! That's right! Sashiara came across a boufbowl field!  In the animation it's actually played at a big arena. Here's a link to those that want to see the sport:

Here's the interior of the place. There's the official uniform hanging on the wall there, and some informative documents...

Along with this very nice poster of a boufbowler failure! xD  Man the easter eggs in this game is fascinating!  Also the attention to detail. o_o This is definately the best 2d MMORPG I've played so far. :)

I've also done a bit of dungeoning with the guild. We ventured off into the Wooly Dungeon which consists of gobballs and the royal gobball!

This was right inside the entrance, guild waiting for the last people to show up.  And yea, I'll update this post later with more dungeon pics since I forgot to take more.. Lol.  However, I encounter a bug I believe? Outside of the dungeon I found this:

A dead Royal Gobball..  Strange since I couldn't even click on it. Nor is it even spawnable outside.. buggy beta is buggy afterall :)

Oh and something else I encountered.. O.O

Gotta love Wakfu humor. ;)

If you like these updates, follow me and stay tuned! I'll also probably give a general tour of the starting place (Incarnam) sometime soon. ciao!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

- minecraft wtf -

Sooo.. I start up the server and log in.. to find my airship completely severed from the world. The server load had chunk errors and it happened to be my house.  What a day. >_<

To those wondering what minecraft is all about... basically what you do is.. anything you want! Well, sorta.  When you first start off you basically need to build a shelter for the night.. because at night.. monsters will come hunt for your blood! During the day when it's safe you mine for resources and hunt for food and survive. :)

*Update* It also seems to have severed byronyuq's home too. Wow ..

- luminaure -

Drawn this a few days ago. :3 This is luminaure! Which obv my blog is named after.  ;3

For more of my art go to:
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- Wakfu Closed Beta -

Closed beta for the MMORPG: Wakfu has started for North America! It's being hosted by Square-Enix.. hopefully they will treat this game kindly.

(Actually it's been about a week since its start) However, it's a great game! I've created an Enripsa (healer/support) named Sashiara. :3

I "was" thinking about making a blog just for her adventures in wafku, but I scrapped the idea and made it much more broad. For those of you interested in the game can check out:

These are Sashiara's current skills and abilities. Currently trying to get the Tofu set. FS healer ftw! Stay tuned for more updates!

- Welcome! Starting up and whatnots -

Quite new to this blogger thing, let's see how it goes!

Basically in this blog, i'll post updates on my adventures in the mmorpgs im currently playing (including pics and vids) , and things that I draw. I'll probably also link vids I see on youtube that are awesome, weird, epic, etc! Should be quite fun!

Er, for some reason the designing of my blog thing is errored and won't load. Gotta figure that out. x_x