Sunday, February 6, 2011

- Wakfu Closed Beta -

Closed beta for the MMORPG: Wakfu has started for North America! It's being hosted by Square-Enix.. hopefully they will treat this game kindly.

(Actually it's been about a week since its start) However, it's a great game! I've created an Enripsa (healer/support) named Sashiara. :3

I "was" thinking about making a blog just for her adventures in wafku, but I scrapped the idea and made it much more broad. For those of you interested in the game can check out:

These are Sashiara's current skills and abilities. Currently trying to get the Tofu set. FS healer ftw! Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. I've heard much about Wakfu from artists, but not much from players. Can anyone join this Beta?

  2. Sadly the registration for the closed beta is closed now. However if you ever had played any of Ankama's games you can get into the beta still.

  3. looks a bit like ragnarok online which I played some years ago...

  4. This looks so cute! I might just have to get it once it comes out. *bookmarks site*