Wednesday, February 9, 2011

- Fixing Byronyuq's Home -

Soo.. after the unfortunate server event, I've gone to fix Byronyuq's home!  He has not been on for a bit now, so I decided to take measures to "fix" his home before he came back to see the disaster!

Here is the fixed version of his house. Pretty much fixed the entire left and right sections of his house. >.<

Mid room - outside
Lower level. Basically there was a pit with trees already there

Inside of the Mid Room. You can see the top of the tree from the Lower level.
2nd Story, you can see the tree from the basement through the glass floor.
2nd Story walkway. Pretty neat looking imo. xD There's a hot tub at the end room.
Outside view. Finally completed repairs!
While my own home off in the distance.. Still severed into pieces.

Funny thing though, the very next day I wake up and log in.. Everything has rolled back to the previous state like I didnt fix anything at all.  Lovely chunk errors still.  So as a solution to this.. I had to completely roll back the server before byronyuq's or my home were made.  But everything is working again as normal, no more errors!  

If you liked this update, stay tuned for the next where Byron and I build up an actual town!  If anyone wants to join the server I'll open the server to the public possibly sometime next week. It's just being hosted on my home pc at the moment, so there are lag issues. xD

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of work. o.O Congrats on your epic reconstruction.