Monday, February 21, 2011

- Wakfu Incarnam -

Alright, so here's the long awaited (procrastinated) Incarnam walkthrough! Quite lame walkthrough since it's only in pictures. But you'll get what it's all about anyhow, I hope. xD

I've created a new character just for this! It seems like she's been warped to a floating isle of sorts.. and a blob thing is being attacked!

Engaging and defeating this Bow Meow and saving the blob!

A treasure and another mysterious portal.. where will it go?

To another floating isle where there is a very pissed off woman. o.o

Some fighting around.. :D

Ohoho! He won't let us pass unless we pay a toll!

Along further traveling she has encountered a panda dojo area.. a training grounds for newbies basically.

There are 3 rooms that you have to go into and each has something valuable to teach about Wakfu battles.

And when you're finished.. you're treated to some valuable treasure!

This lovely stat booster gem to equip on your.. blob.

Be sure not to miss this treasure here, it contains an emote.

This is the location of it on the map. :)

This is the last part of Incarnam, where you train your first profession: trapper!

Basically you go around right clicking on monsters and collecting their seeds.. so you can replant them!

Take the seeds, plant the monsters!

We've planted too much.. poor gobballs.

Incarnam is finished! Down to the main world we go! Either choose Ankama or Bonta faction. :D


  1. Graphics kinda remind me of Maplestory

  2. looks promising by the screenshots. I'll check it out

  3. lol this game is sooo fun man..